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Pryroda Engineering

Spectrum-P, sapphire crystal growing furnace: ribbon-shaped 1200mm long sapphire single crystals by EFG/Stepanov method

Ribbon-shaped sapphire single crystals of up to 1200mm by EFG/Stepanov method.

The device is intended for cultivation of sapphire monocrystals by the method of Stepanov/EFG (Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth (EFG).


Possibility to add furnace-charge during the process.
Sensors for precision control of the growth regimes.

Technical Characteristics
Dimensions of obtained ingots:

width, max, mm: 85,

length, max, mm: 1200.

Temperature of molten material, Celsius: 2150.

Number of working rods: 2.

Run of the rod, mm: 1200.

Working speed of the rod:

growth regime, mm/min: 0.2-2,

adjustment regime, mm/min: up to 4,

accelerated regime, mm/min: 685.

Speed of the rod variation increment, mm/min: 0.05

Power consumption, kilowatt: 65.

Dimensions of crystallizer:

length, mm: 2396,

width, mm: 1150,

height, mm: 4500.

Weight, kg 4767.

The power supply of the device is realized by three-phase four-wire (with a zero wire) networks of alternating electrical current with a voltage of 380V(Volt), a frequency of 50(60)Hz.

A contour of grounding, with resistance value between the grounding bolt and any of accessible parts of the device should be 0.1ohm or lower.

Quality standards of electrical current should meet the requirements of GOST 1.3109-87.