Pryroda Engineering

Pryroda Engineering

Omega-M200, a crystal growing furnace: sapphire single crystals of up to 200mm in diameter by Kyropoulos method

The rod with the load cell
The rod with the load cell


The device is intended for cultivation of sapphire monocrystals weighing up to 38kg, with a diameter of up to 200mm and a length of up to 300mm, by the method GOI (Kyropoulos).

Technical Characteristics

Weight of the load of raw material in the melting pot, kg: 38.
Temperature of molten material, Celsius: 2100.
Hypobaric pressure in the chamber, Pa: 6x10E-5
Run of the rod, mm: 150.
Working speed of the rod, mm/hour: 0,1-1,2
Power consumption, kilowatt: 60, peak- kilowatt: 80.
Cooling water debit, cubic meter/hour: 3,5.
Inert gas debit, cubic meter/cycle: 0,2.
Weight, kg 2108.

The column with the rod lifting mechanism
The column with the rod lifting mechanism

Additional Parameters
Method of heating: resistive.
Working environment: vacuum, Pa: 6?10E-5
The speed of the rod (the speed varies in 0,1mm/hour increments), m/s(mm/hour):
– the lowest speed: 0,03?10E-6( 0.1)
– the highest speed: 3,6?10E-6(1.2 )
Speed of the accelerated movement of the rod, m/s(mm/hour): 6,9?10E-6(25)
Accuracy of maintenance of the speed of the rod, %: ±2;
Rotation frequency of the rod , 1/s (rotations/min):
– the lowest speed: 0,05(3);
– the highest speed: 0,133(8).

A closer look at the load cell
A closer look at the load cell

Accuracy of stabilization of voltage on the heater, %:
– in the range from 2,5V to 5V: ±2;
– in the range from 5V to 7V: ±1%;
– in the range from 7V to 10V: ±0,1%.

Installation requirements

A shop with the following parameters of microclimate:
– temperature 20±5°?;
– relative humidity below 90%;
– a premise of 9m2;
– a sewer discharge at the floor level or lower with a conditional pass of at least 70mm;
– a contour of grounding, with resistance value between the grounding bolt and any of accessible parts of the device should be 0.1ohm or lower.

Inside the power supply unit of the sapphire crystal grower
Inside the power supply unit of the sapphire crystal grower

Operational supplies:

Demineralized water under a pressure of 4?10E5±0.5?10E5Pa(Pascal) (4±0,5 kg/cm2). Water temperature must not be higher than 20±5°?; debit of water should be 3.5 m3/hour;
Nitrogen gas, purified to the level required by GOST 9293-74 and supplied under 0,5?105Pa of pressure (0,5kg/cm2).
The power supply of the device is realized by three-phase four-wire (with a zero wire) networks of alternating electrical current with a voltage of 380V(Volt), a frequency of 50(60)Hz.
Quality standards of electrical current should meet the requirements of GOST 1.3109-87.