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Omega-M300, a crystal growing furnace: sapphire ingots of 300mm (11.8″) in diameter and weighing up to 85kg by Kyropoulos method


Omega-M300, Kyropoulos sapphire growing furnace
Omega-M300, a Kyropoulos sapphire growing furnace

The sapphire grower is intended for cultivation of sapphire monocrystals weighing up to 85kg, with a diameter of up to 300mm (11.8″) and a length of up to 300mm, by the method GOI (Kyropoulos).

Technical Characteristics

Weight of the load of raw material in the melting pot, kg: 85.
Temperature of molten material, Celsius: 2100
Hypobaric pressure in the chamber, Pa: 6×10?-5
Run of the rod, mm: 150
Working speed of the rod, mm/hour: 0,1-1,2
Power consumption, kilowatt: 45 – 85, peak- kilowatt: 120
Cooling water debit, cubic meter/hour: 3,5
Inert gas debit, cubic meter/cycle: 0,3
Weight, kg 2205

Additional Parameters

Method of heating: resistive.
Working environment: vacuum, Pa: 6?10?-5
The speed of the rod (the speed varies in 0,1mm/hour increments), m/s(mm/hour):
– the lowest speed: 0,03?10?-6( 0.1)
– the highest speed: 3,6?10?-6(1.2 )
Speed of the accelerated movement of the rod, m/s(mm/hour): 6,9?10?-6(25).

The power unit of Omega-M300
The power unit of Omega-M300 delivers from 60 to 100kW of electric power during the growing process.
Accuracy of maintenance of the speed of the rod, %: ±2
Rotation frequency of the rod, 1/s (rotations/min):
– the lowest speed: 0,05(3);
– the highest speed: 0,133(8).
Accuracy of stabilization of voltage on the heater, %:
– in the range from 2,5V to 5V, %: ±2;
– in the range from 5V to 7V, %: ±1;
– in the range from 7V to 10V: ±0,1.

Installation requirements

Omega-M300. A view on the cover and column.
Use of a load cell in combination with controlling software improves outputs while reducing the role of the operator.

A shop with the following parameters of microclimate: – temperature 20±5°?; – relative humidity below 90%; Also: – a premise of 9m2; – a sewer discharge at the floor level or lower with a conditional pass of at least 70mm; – a contour of grounding, with resistance value between the grounding bolt and any of accessible parts of the device should be 0.1ohm or lower.

Operational supplies

Demineralized water under a pressure of 4?10?5±0.5?10?5Pa(Pascal) (4±0,5 kg/cm2).
Water temperature must not be higher than 20±5°?; debit of water should be 3.5 m3/hour;

A view on elements of vacuum and cooling systems of the Kyropoulos furnace Omega-M300.
A closed circuit cooling system reduces water consumption.

Nitrogen gas, purified to the level required by GOST 9293-74 and supplied under 0,5?10E5Pa of pressure (0,5kg/cm2). The power supply of the device is realized by three-phase four-wire (with a zero wire) networks of alternating electrical current with a voltage of 380V(Volt), a frequency of 50(60)Hz. Quality standards of electrical current should meet the requirements of GOST 1.3109-87.