Pryroda Engineering

Pryroda Engineering

Wafer slicing saws

Pryroda manufactures equipment for wafer slicing of sapphire (Al2O3) and other hard and super-hard mono and poly crystalline materials, notably silicium (Si), corundum and others.

Pryroda’s wafer slicing saw Titan-P uses a diamond coated wire technology.

A combination of electric drive with high-torque electric motors and SIEMENS controlling units allows reaching of slicing speeds of 15 square mm per minute for super-hard materials.

149 wafers of 50.8mm in 2 – 2.5hours

An ingot of 50.8mm in diameter could be sliced in 2 – 2.5 hours producing up to 149 wafers simultaneously.

For watch industry: up to 850 wafers of 50.8mm in 2 – 2.5hours

An additional appliance extends productivity to 850 simultaneously obtained wafers for watch crystals in just 2 – 2.5 hours. Indeed, in wafer slicing intended for use in the watch industry, the exact crystallographic orientation is not required. This simplifies the design and allows higher productivity.

Distinctive quality

The distinctive quality of Titan-P wafer slicing saw designed by Pryroda is a high reliability of the mechanisms despite a high wind speed of the diamond coated wire. This allows avoiding wire breaks during slicing process.

In Pryroda’s design, the cutting force transmitted to the wire is not accumulated on the extremities.

For such design, the only limitation on the number of wafers is the mechanical strength of the sliced ingot. Indeed, in slicing with rotation, the central kernel receives a force load proportional to the length of the ingot.